Superintendent's Message​​

 Welcome to our new website!!

 One of my goals that I shared with our School Board  last year was that I wanted to update our district website. There were two reasons for this. First, I felt our website needed updating. But secondly, and most importantly, I wanted to incorporate into the new site everything that the Paisley School District stands for.

 The Paisley School District is located physically in Paisley, Oregon. It is a beautiful part of Oregon in an area called the Oregon Outback. Our second program is the Distance Learning Program that is located along the I-5 corridor of Oregon. Both programs are an important and integral part of our district.

We service approximately 220 students between both programs with two administrators, ten full-time teachers, four full-time office staff personnel, and approximately twelve key classified staff, all who work hard to make the Paisley School District a special place.

I want to invite all patrons of our district to use our new website. We have three main links as you enter the site (from Left to Right):Paisley School, Paisley School District, and the Distance Learning Program (DLP). There is a lot of information on the site and we will continue to add new information on an almost daily basis.

I believe we become a much more viable district as we move in the direction of knowing what is happening as a district overall. We will share with others about our district and others both locally and state-wide will learn about us as well. Our district is a special place and having a new avenue to communicate our successes can only benefit us.

I encourage all constituents of our school district to check out the website on a regular basis. I want to hear from parents and students from both programs. Let us know what you think about the site and give us any suggestions of how we can improve it.

A big thank you to Heather Hough, the DLP secretary, for being our contact person for the new website and updating the site as needed. It is my hope that you will use the website on a regular basis and will discover how great this district is.

Bill Wurtz

Superintendent of Schools