Dear Paisley Families,

On behalf of our entire staff team, I would like to welcome you all to PaisleyCraft! PaisleyCraft is a Minecraft server dedicated to uniting Paisley brick and mortar and DLP students in a safe, fun environment. On this server you can chat, make friends, and survive. 

Specifications include:

 white listed server.

 semi-vanilla survival server.

 dedicated staff team with 1 owner, 2 developers, 2 admins 1 builder, and 1 moderator

 strictly enforced set of rules.

 well built spawn with cow and pig spawners, a shop, and a staff wall.

 mini-game section that is in development.

 A 1.8 PC server. (At this point, the server is only available to students with 

the computer version of Minecraft)

Please REVIEW the following RULES and make sure that you and your 

child understand them!


1. No swearing

2. No inappropriate and/or vulgar language

3. No griefing (Irritating and angering people in video games through the use of 
destruction, construction, or social engineering)

4. Watch your capitals (When you chat in all capitals it makes it seem like you’re

5. No hacking

6. No begging

7. Paisley school students and siblings ONLY!

8. Please make sure chat is turned on <settings <chat settings <chat: shown 
(This is for moderating purposes)

9. Help others

10. For general support email

11. Be kind.

12. Follow the rules and listen to the staff.

13. Currently there is 1 owner, 2 developers, 2 admins, 1 builder, and 1 
moderator (This may change in the future)

14. If you break the rules, you may be muted (not being able to chat), kicked 
(being disconnected from the server), or banned (being unable to join the server)

15. A full day's school work and lessons are to be completed before logging on to the server.

Thank you for your cooperation. To play on PaisleyCraft, simply follow this link and fill out the form to be whitelisted:

Please allow 3-4 school days to be whitelisted. Once you have filled out the PaisleyCraft Sign up and are whitelisted, the IP address is

Remember, this server is NOT monitored by Paisley Teachers. It will be monitored by Paisley students who serve as Paisleycraft Administrators. 


Cheryl, Quinn and the Minecraft Team

P.S. We value your input. If you notice a bug, please email us so we can fix it ASAP! Thanks.