DLP Newsela Summer Reading Program

We are excited to announce that this year, the DLP is using Newsela for a Summer Reading Challenge. For those who haven't been using throughout the year, Newsela is a website that rewrites news articles and other informational texts at five different reading levels to make it possible for students of all ages to read them. Explore outer space, learn about your favorite superheroes, or see how student activists are making a difference – all on Newsela this summer!

How the Challenge Works
Students can earn 1 point for each article they read, each annotation they make, each quiz they  take, and each write prompt they answer. Newsela will calculate these points. In the fall, we'll award five $20 Amazon gift certificates! One gift certificate will be given to the DLP student with the most points at the end of summer. The other four will be given to a random participating student from each class.

As a parent, you can be involved by asking your child about what they are reading on Newsela and encouraging them to use it often.  Newsela has a free iPhone and Android app that works offline, so your child will be able to read over five thousand articles at home on your phone or their own, even without an internet connection.

Newsela can be accessed by downloading the app from iTunes or from the Google Play store (and you can read offline with those apps). OR go to newsela.com select "Sign In" then select "Sign in with Google" and use your child's school email and password.

Reading Log (optional)