Superintendent's Message

Paul Hauder

           Welcome to Paisley School District!
Our school district consists of two main educational components: Paisley Charter School and Paisley Distance Learning Program. This combination of resources allows us to provide a quality education for the small community of Paisley, Oregon, as well as for families throughout Oregon seeking an alternative to a traditional school program.

Paisley School was established in 1917 and became a charter school in 2003. Becoming a charter allowed the school to continue providing a comprehensive K-12 education to local residents during an era of declining enrollment. This challenge required some creative thinking. A dormitory facility was built to house students from out of the area. It currently houses 12 international students and 3 Oregon residents. A distance learning program was also established in 2010.

Paisley Distance Learning Program is a K-8 virtual charter school with many unique features:

- Parents have a voice in curriculum selection
- Licensed teachers meet with families to support their students’ needs rather than each student having a different teacher
- Student instructional funds are used to individualize learning and provide enrichment opportunities
- Frequent field trip and hands-on learning opportunities enhance engagement and provide opportunities for students to socialize with peers

What began as a small program has grown to serve 140 students. It is highly regarded in Oregon for offering a quality program with positive results in all measures, including academic, attendance and student support.

This year our district goals include expanding community input opportunities, formalizing efforts to support student academic, behavioral and social needs, and continuing support for our teachers and staff to grow professionally.

If you have questions about any of our programs, please contact our office for more information.

Paul Hauder