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Paisley Public Charter School

Paisley is a city in Lake County, Oregon, United States. It is along Oregon Route 31, between Summer Lake and Lake Abert.
  • Population:
    • 239 (2013)
  • Area:
    • 282 acres

Paisley on Oregon Map

Our District
The District has a unique array of resources - a traditional public school, a dormitory, and a distance learning program. Paisley serves approximately 80 students in its K-12 brick and mortar school, Paisley Charter School, and 140 students in its K-8 distance learning program. The District employs one district superintendent/principal, one distance learning program principal, ten licensed teaching staff, four confidential/supervisory staff, and nine classified staff under a total budget of approximately $3.2 million.

Our Community
Paisley is located along Oregon Route 31 in the heart of Lake County, between Summer Lake and Lake Abert situated at the base of Winter and Abert Rims. Paisley boasts a diverse landscape where desert meets forest. Local residents are supported by the ranching and timber industries as well as the U. S. Forest Service. The population in 2013 was 239 residents.

Paisley’s staff, School Board, parents, and community members are resourceful as is evidenced by the implementation of the high school dormitory and the distance learning program. The District belongs to a large IA athletic association and its students participate in cross country, volleyball, basketball, and track. Many of Paisley’s students participate in the drama program. Our sports and drama programs are strongly supported by the community. Paisley’s students also have the opportunity to participate in vocational classes such as wood shop, welding, and art. The well appropriated expanded options program is available to high school juniors and seniors who wish to take college courses.

Archeological sites from the 1930s at Paisley Caves and 1966 at Fort Rock give the oldest known evidence for early Native Americans. Radiocarbon dating of coprolites indicates they are from 12,750 to 14,290 years ago.

Paisley Student Dormitory
In 1995, the Paisley community approved a general obligation bond to build a student dormitory as a means of adding financial stability to the District and enhancing the learning experiences of its students. Currently (2016-17), twelve foreign exchange students representing eleven countries reside at the dormitory along with five Oregon resident students and the two dormitory parents.

Paisley Distance Learning Program
Paisley Distance Learning Program (PDLP) composes two-thirds of the Paisley School District student body. The majority of these students live along the Oregon I-5 corridor. Enrolled students receive a full time comprehensive K-8 education through a hybrid of curricula choices including online learning and paper/pencil programs. The goal of the distance learning program is to provide a rigorous and personal educational option for families throughout the state of Oregon.

All PDLP students learn at home or the location of their choice. Students engage with a licensed K-8 teacher at least twice a week via technology, while parents offer students daily support as a learning coach. Teachers meet students at the student’s home or at scheduled events for workshops, field trips, and assessment. The small student body within PDLP has a culture of relationships and individualized learning which has resulted in long term student enrollments and an ever growing waiting list.