State Testing - OSAS

Starting in 2018-19, Oregon state tests are now called OSAS - Oregon State Assessment System.

2023-24 Annual Notice & Opt-Out Form - CLICK HERE
Parents: submit Opt-Out forms to Ruth, [email protected].
Science exemption letters for 5th & 8th graders are also submitted to Ruth.

Oregon Department of Education and Paisley School recommend that all students have an opportunity to experience both the practice test and the training test. These tools provide students with a testing situation similar in format and structure to the state assessments (practice test) and an opportunity to focus on the assessment system’s functionality and user interface (training test).

Practice tests will be available by the end of October each year.
To navigate through this slideshow on how to access the OSAS practice tests, use the arrows below it. To open the slideshow in a new tab, click HERE.

Summary of how to access the practice tests:
- Go to
- Click on "Students and Families" 
- Click "Sample & Training Tests"
- Click "sign in" on the new page that opens (do not change any of the pre-filled fields). 
- Select the student's grade (don't change anything else).
- Select which test your student would like to begin with.

It is recommended that students take all the Sample Tests (Summative Content Area Assessments) for their grade, and the grade band OSAS Training Tests to experience all aspects of the test.

Students can use recent versions of the Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari browsers to take the training test, or they can use the native browsers built into iPads and Android tablets. Note that the text-to-speech functionality is available only when using the secure browser. Ask your teacher if your student needs to practice with text-to-speech.