Registration Forms

To complete a registration form for your student who is attending Paisley Public Charter School (the physical school building in Paisley, OR), click on the link below for their grade group.

On the new page that opens, enter your name and then click "BEGIN SIGNING". When you are done, you'll be prompted to enter your email address, BE SURE THERE ARE NO TYPOS IN THE EMAIL YOU ENTERED. If your email address is incorrect, you will have to fill out the form again because you won't receive the email to Verify your Email. Be sure to go to your email and click the "Verify Email" button in the email from DigiSigner. A copy of your completed form will then be emailed to you and to Ruth Robinson. 

Kindergarten through 3rd Grade Registration Packet
4th-6th Grade Registration Packet
7th-12th Grade Registration Packet
Income Survey (complete 1 per family)

Sports Physical Exam Form (For 4th-12th grade students participating in sports: print all 3 pages, complete page 1, and take to your child's physical exam and have physician complete page 2. Turn in completed form to Paisley School.)