Paisley Distance Learning Program is a program of Paisley Charter School.  Paisley School District ( was one of the first small rural school districts to turn their one school in the district into a charter school.  This has allowed Paisley some great opportunities, flexibility and resources.  Through their charter school, they have partnered with our staff to create a high quality virtual education program.  Together, we supply families with great tools to provide a superior education to students.  The program is a win-win for the community, Paisley, and our students/parents! 

Paisley Distance Learning Program is a hybrid, distance learning program offering students a full menu of online or paper/pencil classes as well as field trips, labs, and other face-to-face educational opportunities.  Each student is assigned a mentor teacher who visits the student in the comfort of the student's own home or a local business if the family prefers.  All teachers are TSPC-certified instructors who care deeply about students and want to make their education meaningful and challenging.