21-22 Staff Handbook

Paisley School District policies can be viewed here: http://policy.osba.org/paisley/index.asp

Abuse and Sexual Conduct Information and Reporting Requirements for Employees

Policy on Reporting Requirements for Suspected Sexual Conduct with Students 

Radon Plan

Integrated Pest Management Plan

As per state law (OAR 581-022-2223), the Healthy and Safe Schools Plan, our District is required to test for lead in our water and to report the findings to the public within five business days of receiving  the results.  We tested 16 locations in the summer of 2016.  We received the test results on August 30 and can report that one faucet tested slightly above the required level and that faucet is not designated for food preparation or drinking.  This faucet was retested and was found to have no lead issues.  Printed test results are available upon request at the Paisley School District office or via the links below.  Details on lead testing in schools can be found on the following link: