Dorm Rules

Paisley Dormitory Rules

Residing at the Paisley Dorm is a privilege and every student must adhere to the following rules. Serious infractions can mean immediate expulsion.

  1. All students must maintain a C average or above, attend all classes unless sick or have a prearranged absence.

  2. No smoking, drugs, or alcohol. Use or possession is forbidden.

  3. Dorm parents shall be informed of your whereabouts at all times. If you wish to change location, you must call the Dorm parents. We also must know who you are with and have definite times for your return.

  4. All students must be home for dinner unless prearranged. Dinner times may change throughout the year depending on the sports schedules.

  5. All students must help with chores, done two times per week and keep their rooms clean. Each student is responsible for their laundry.

  6. All students must be in their rooms at 10:00 PM, lights out on school nights is at 10:30 PM. Electronics must be turned in at 10:00 PM. Weekends 12:00 PM, all students in their rooms and lights out.

  7. No sexually intimate relationships will be allowed. Girls are not allowed in the boys hall and boys are not allowed in the girls hall. This is strictly forbidden.

  8. Students must not be in each other’s rooms without the attendance of room occupants.

  9. Respect and honesty will be required of all dorm occupants at all times.

  10. Dorm students shall participate in family activities and follow family rules.